„Architect as Curator as Architect“ ALEX LEHNERER: Bungalow Germania

19.05.2015 19:00
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Campus Weißenhof
Neubau 1, Hörsaal 301


Bungalow Germania engages with the ways in which architecture has been represented and used as a political and social medium over the last century in Germany. Through a process of architectural genealogy, the examination begins in the middle of the past century: it looks both into the future, and back at the social and political fractures and continuities in German history.
Alex Lehnerer, an architect and urban designer, currently holds a position as assistant professor at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. Prior to that he was based in Chicago, where he was a professor at the University of Illinois, School of Architecture. He received his PhD from ETH Zurich, his MArch from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), is partner of the firm Kaisersrot in Zurich, and founded the Department of Urban Speculation (DeptUS) in Chicago. His Zurich based architectural practice CIRIACIDISLEHNERER ARCHITEKTEN tries to understand architecture as cultural practice by relentlessly exploring urban and architectural conditions—their forms, ingredients, and rules.
The talk is part of „Architect as Curator as Architect“ – Jour Fixe Series Summer 2015
Introduction and Moderation by Mona Mahall, Asli Serbest

Introduction by Prof. i.V. Mona Mahall + Prof. i.V. Asli Serbest

Alex Lehnerer at his lecture: Bungalow Germania
Audience of the lecture of Alex Lehnerer
(All photos by Janis Rozkalns)

Poster: Design by Valentin Alisch
What is the role of architecture now and in the future of a globally networked world? What is its public, political, and aesthetic potentialities? Its conceptual methods and critical media? To focus these questions, we look at current curatorial practices, their processes, and strategies. The objective is not only to discuss architecture as an (critical) exhibition object or relational space. We also want to address architecture’s ability to project other selves without cancelling former ones.
Concept and Curation Jour Fixe Series Summer 2015: Prof. i.V. Dr. Mona Mahall, Prof. i.V. Dr. Asli Serbest, AM Chrissi Nasz
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Sto-Stiftung, Wüstenrot Stiftung, Armstrong DLW, Beton Marketing Süd, FSB – Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG, Nimbus Group GmbH und der Architektenkammer Baden-Württemberg
Hinweis: Diese Veranstaltung ist bei der Architektenkammer als Fortbildung im Rahmen der berufspraktischen Tätigkeit als „Architekt/in im Praktikum“ (AIP) genehmigt.
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Prof. Mark Blaschitz, AM Katharina Köglberger
Prof. Tobias Wallisser, AM Sebastian Schott
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