A Shape and a Speed SS 15

If we project the concept of space sharing into the context of an exhibition, we face two basic options: either the audience comes to the exhibition to share a space, or the exhibition goes to the audience to share life. For the ABK Rundgang, we choose the latter option and develop mobile objects in cardboard that we transport through the Rundgang spaces.
The course is part of the research field „Spacesharing“ (FG Architecture) and takes place in English.
1. A Shape and a Speed
Conceive, draw, and build a cardboard shape that you can carry, rotate, slide, or roll, etc. through the ABK buildings (beware of stairs). The shape should function as an active form to be used in an absurd way, e.g. a device in which you handshake. It must be a form that is open to interaction. All modes of use should relate to the context of exhibiting, to visitors, to artists, to showrooms.At the Sommerausstellung these shapes are exhibited in the ateliers, their outlines are marked with tapes on the floor. During the evening you move them through the rooms and record all encounters and interactions on video and photography.
concept text (100 words), drawings, 5 renderings (variations), video (2–5min.), photographs
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